What's your broadband speed like? Find out.

The map is created through overlays over Google Maps, using data from ISPs, and is said to be updated every year.

"We are now developing a clear picture of the UK's fixed broadband infrastructure and how it delivers for consumers," said Ed Richards, Ofcom chief executive.

"We hope that this information will stimulate further rollout of broadband infrastructure and better performance for households and businesses," he added.

Users can click on a specific area of the map to show detailed statistics of the area. The scale is from 1-5, with colours marking each range, with green showing the fastest and red the slowest.

The map shows that 68% of homes in the UK have a fixed broadband connection, with an average speed of 7.5Mbps. Brighton and Hove show the highest takeup of broadband at 80%, with Edinburgh showing the fastest average speed of 10.1Mbps.

You can view the map here.

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