FREE Broadband? What Is The True Cost

FREE broadband was a revolutionary product when TalkTalk first launched the service in 2006. However no-one anticipated the demand for such a service and naively TalkTalk’s reputation was dramatically hurt when demand for the product seriously outweighed supply. Customers were left with long delays and the network was constantly overloaded leaving customers unable to connect for sometimes two weeks at a time.

Is FREE Broadband Still Available?

The concept of FREE broadband has now changed and users will now struggle to find a service that is totally FREE. Instead, the term is widely used to describe low cost internet, free connection or package deals.

Broadband Package Deals

FREE broadband deals these days are usually offered as a package.  This is where TV/Phone  and Internet are bundled together for a low cost monthly fee with the  broadband connection offered free of charge. While this is technically not FREE as you are paying for the other services, users can still make a great saving on the package offered.  However, bear in mind that if you are heavy user, these packages may not suit your needs. To  avoid over subscription on the network, FREE broadband providers will often cap the usage with monthly download limits and the download speeds may be especially slow at peak times.

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