How To Find The Fastest Broadband In My Area

Speed is everything! And nowhere is this more true than in relation to broadband speeds. Finding the fastest broadband connection in a given area can become an obsession for most with many ISP’s quoting speeds of upto 24Mb .

The reality is often a different picture. Depending on a variety of factors including  how far away you are from the pipeline, your hardware, and also how many other users are sharing the connection at the same time, will determine the actual broadband speed you can achieve. Imagine travelling on the motorway at rush hour traffic, its going to slow you down. This works the same way with a broadband connection. The more users sharing the pipeline the lower the bandwidth available.

With over 68% of UK now online via a fixed broadband connection and the take up of broadband set increase over the next couple of years, broadband speed is set to become a major talking point especially with the role out of fibre optic connection comes in with super fast speeds.

To help aid the user in finding the fastest broadband speed in a given area, Ofcom recently launched a map highlighting the connection speeds for broadband users around the country. This map is released yearly and uses the Google maps technology to differentiate the areas. This helps create an impartial view of the actual speeds available in any given area. The research showed that Edinburgh was achieving the fastest broadband speed with the average being 10.1mpbs and Brighton and Hove showing the highest takeup of broadband services in the country at 80%.

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